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# Teres [![Discord](]( ![GitHub Workflow Status]( *Teres* is a program made to easily and efficiently add motion blur or frames to videos through frame blending and interpolation. > **NOTE:** This program is unstable and is sub v1.0.0 so has lots of bugs and api/config changes will occur with its development --- ## Before ![before](./docs/demo.gif) ## After Teres ![after ](./docs/demo_blur.gif)

used default settings for the demo above from 60fps source file

Packaging status


  • Interpolate video to higher framerate
  • Blur frames together for motion blur
  • Both CLI and a minimal GUI usage
  • Supports multiple videos simultatiously
  • Progress bar
  • Global configuration file
  • Multithread and GPU support


Currently teres is only able to be installed through Arch’s AUR for linux

e.g with yay aur helper:

yay teres

for other platforms see and download binaries from the releases or github action artifacts


Without suppling arguments to the program it can be run through explorer and gui will guide selecting files


    teres [OPTIONS] [INPUT]...

    [INPUT]...    Input file name(s) (space separated) or glob pattern

    -n, --noui       Disable user interface (CLI only)
    -v, --verbose... More output per occurence
    -q, --quiet...   Less output per occurence
    -h, --help       Print help information
    -V, --version    Print version information